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Flight Duration of 50 Minutes
The ZEROZERO V-Coptr Falcon is light and compact, and can fly for as long as 50 minutes.
Unleash the Freedom to Explore
With the reduced number of blades, blade diameter increased to 11 inches, and wheelbase of 310mm, the V-Coptr Falcon is lightweight and portable with increased power efficiency.
Flight Time
by 40%
Flight Instability
by 30%
by 25%
Powerful, Light, Free
Using a 4-cell high energy density lithium polymer battery, the hovering battery life (full charge to depletion) in windless conditions can be measured for up to 50 minutes.
Longer Duration
Light and Portable
Wind Resistance Capability
Tilt Rotor Technology, Increased Stability & Maneuverability
Tilt Rotor Technology
Sophisticated industrial design, nonlinear dynamic modeling and control algorithms ensure a more stable and agile flight.
Steering gear evolution
The small high-precision steering gear with customized metal teeth, adopting the metal injection molding process, is stronger than ordinary machined metal teeth. The Falcon's incredible integration of stability, flexibility and light weight is the result of constant innovation and optimization.
Lighter, Stronger
The unprecedented bi-copter design, minus the wings, makes it lighter and more portable.
Tranditional Drone
A Battery Life of 50 Minutes
Capture life as it happens, anytime, anywhere!