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"I am surprised the V-Coptr came to market, I remember reading about it and seeing videos of it at CES 2019. I am looking forward to your in depth flight review."

— Jason Joseph

"FAVORITE review of anything this year! This was an EXCELLENT review and has me excited to own a V-Coptr.

You two are HILARIOUS!!!"

— Edmond Smith

"Certainly not a clone of an existing product!! Looking forward to seeing its flight characteristics and image quality!!"

— Robert Hutchinson

"Crazy, super sharp images and an excellent flight, I'm just thrilled.Many thanks."

— Peter Paul
V-COPTR FALCON IS HERE!!! Unboxing and First Look 
DJI Mavic 3 Vs V-Coptr Falcon Bi-Copter Drone 

 We tried to CRASH a V-COPTR but it's too AWESOME! 

V-COPTER Falcon RANGE TEST - How Far Will it Go? (V-Coptr 2 Armed Drone) 
V-Copter Falcon 4K Camera Bi-Rotor Bi-Copter Aerial Filming Drone