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Light, Sleek, Durable
Sleek and stylish, the ZEROZERO V-Coptr Falcon's V-shaped outline makes it lighter than other drones. Its unique design, lightweight body and extra-long battery life enable it to fly for longer periods.
Simple Thread Design, Improved Drone Function
Numerous optimizations to shape, position, and bump profiles based on aerodynamic principles minimize noise and maximize force efficiency.
Force Efficiency
up to 6%
up to 7dB
Unique Snap, Enhanced Strength & Stability
Arm buckle
The snap lock, folding and unfolding of the elastic arm have undergone numerous verification tests to ensure its safety and stability.
Arm angle & distance
The length of the arms, distance between the arms, and V-angle design have undergone numerous tests and have been honed to perfection to ensure exceptional flight stability.